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Interiors / Architectural Photography:

We provide a wide range of interior and architectural products for architectural firms, interior designers, builders, remodeling companies, and the real estate industry.  We use the most advanced lighting and techniques to produce sensational images that communicate the feel of each space.  Each project and client is unique, so we love to get to know the client and the scope of the project to best estimate the cost of each shoot.  Please give us a call, or contact us at the link above so we can best serve you.  

Commercial Architectural Photography Services:

All projects are unique.  We strive to develop individual concepts and lighting designs that communicate our client's exact intentions.  To this end, all of our commercial projects are quoted by the project.  Generally, these quotes include commercial usage rights and are suited for non-real estate commercial marketing.  Please contact us for a specific quote.

Real Estate Photo Packages:  

These packages are designed for real estate professionals for use in the marketing and sale of residential real estate.  All packages include still photographs created using multiple light sources in a digital format, and optimized for use on the web and print marketing.  Exterior aerial images are also  included as a complimentary part of all real estate packages.*  Photos are  delivered electronically through an online file-sharing application.    Shoots take between 30-90 minutes  depending on the home size / number of images requested.  

Video Services

Adam Pendleton Photography offers several video products uniquely designed for the marketing and promotion of Realtors and their listed properties.  These products start at $300 and we offer many add-on items such as professional voice-over, and 'cinema' style productions.  Take a look at some example videos above on our 'Video' page.

General Policies:

•  We have a limited number of available shoot times per day, so please book above as soon as you have a date in mind.

•  Dates may be rescheduled due to inclement weather.

•  Real-Estate photo shoots are subject to a $1/mile (one way)  mileage fee for properties over 15 miles from our office location, and an additional travel fee will be applied to properties 45 miles or more from our location. 

•  Extensive retouching is subject to additional fees

•  Generally, licensing of images is included with the shoot fee.  However, not all usage is covered by the licensing agreement.  Certain kinds of usage may be subject to additional licensing fees.  Basic commercial licensing included in the packages above would include use in local MLS marketing, in-home flyers, or marketing a home on agent's personal websites.

Tips for Home Preparation

To prepare the home for photographs, please ensure compliance with the following preparatory guidelines.

•  Remove all vehicles from driveway and do not park directly in front of home.

•  Move all garbage cans out of sight.

•  Remove all garden tools, and mow and rake yard.

•  Sweep driveways, sidewalks and patios.

•  Clear counter tops in kitchen and bathroom areas.

•  Remove photos, notes, and paper from refrigerator.

•  Turn on all interior lights.

•  Turn ceiling fans and televisions off.

•  Remove clutter from rooms that may be excessively furnished and/or decorated.

•  Make all beds and tidy bedrooms.

•  Remove piles of newspapers and magazines.

•  Keep pets contained and out of sight.

Note:  We will photograph the home as it is found.  Blinds and doors may be opened or closed for compositional purposes, but no other staging or moving of objects will be done.

If there are any special features of the home that are not readily apparent, please notify the photographer so that they may be included.

* - Aerial imaging is included as a complimentary part of most still interior/exterior photo packages.  However, at the discretion of the photographer, it may not be used if there are obstructions or other factors that make another type of exterior image more desirable.  In addition, inclement weather will prevent the photographer from using aerial equipment.  Additional trips to capture aerial images of real estate or architectural subjects due to weather conditions will be subject to a separate fee. 

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