Process + Rates

The Art of Collaboration

Our process starts with a conversation. We try to learn as much as we can  about the scope of your project, the inspiration behind it, as well as those design and build elements that are most important to you. This information allows us to create a shot-list aimed at capturing images that highlight your creative vision and convey your brand. 

In most scenarios, a scouting visit to the project site is ideal because it allows us to create a well-tailored shot-list. Having this list usually makes the photoshoot go more smoothly and efficiently. As a core component of an image is the time of day in which it is created, our scouting visit also allows for a clear sense of where the sun is going to be throughout the day. This, in turn, helps me to plot out the best times of day to capture each photograph.

Sometimes a scouting visit can’t be arranged, but we will always spend a good chunk of time doing a walk-through of the project on the day of the photoshoot – ideally with the client. Doing this allows me to see the elements you described in our initial conversation.   


My fee structure is based on the following core elements:

Creative Fee – This covers the time, skill and effort involved in completing the photoshoot and includes: pre-photoshoot tasks such as any meetings I might have with you, scouting the project location, putting together creative briefs and creating a shot-list. The creative fee is quoted at either a ‘per day’ or ‘per half-day’ basis.

Full day photoshoots typically yield anywhere from 10-15 images captured for each full day, on-site. Half-day shoots are perfect for clients who want to capture a smaller project, where only a handful of images are required.

Post-Processing –  The editing process is a crucial part of the project, and includes things like: manually blending the best elements of multiple images into a final image; color correction; correcting  perspective issues; making targeted adjustments for contrast and texture, etc. It’s a involved process that requires attention to detail and it’s very common for the editing process to consume at least as much time as the actual shoot. Post-processing also includes an online proof-gallery, appropriate re-sizing and compression of images and storage of all images.

Photography Assistant – A good assistant makes the photoshoot go by much more effectively, which usually means more and better photos.

Standard Use License – The images that I’ll deliver to you will come with an industry standard license that describes the many different ways you’ll be able to use the photos to promote your business. It includes virtually all the usage needs you’re likely to need, with additional usage licenses made available, if required.


Cost-sharing has become an industry standard within architectural photography and allows multiple parties to realize significant savings on a photography project. Even if only one additional party agreed to cost-sharing, it would allow both of you to realize a 35% cost-savings on the photoshoot.

Here’s an example of how it works: Let’s say that the quoted cost for your full-day photoshoot is $2,500. If another party agreed to cost-sharing prior to the shoot, a “multiplier” of 1.3 would be used, making the overall cost of the shoot $3,250. This amount would then be split by yourself and the other party. In essence, your photography cost would go from $2,500 to $1,625 – a savings of 35%! The savings become greater with each additional party added to the shoot.  

Let us give you a CUSTOM QUOTE for your project!

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