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About Us

Who are we?

We are  a team of photographers that specializes in dynamic interior and architectural photography, and commercial video.  We are proud members of the International Association of Architectural Photographers and Professional Photographers of America. 

Where are you located?

Adam Pendleton Photography is based in Cumming, Georgia, and we work all over the Metro Atlanta area. Traveling is part of what we do, so if you have a need in Paris, Texas, we'll be there. For more information regarding photography services, please contact us through the contact link above, or email us directly at

Adam Pendleton 

Hey there... My name is Adam and I am an interior and architectural photographer.  I work with interior designers, architects, builders, and the real estate industry to create fantastic images of their projects.  I came to photography from nearly 20 years in the music industry, where I was a concert saxophonist, of all things.  One wouldn't think that the two are related, but they are extraordinarily harmonious in terms of discipline, practice, and aesthetic awareness.  The best thing about both is collaboration.  I have worked with some of the most talented individuals alive, and they continue to inspire my work.

My family is primary in my life.  I've been blessed with Ashley, my gorgeous, kind and brilliant wife, a gaggle of kids, 2 dogs, and an opinionated cat named Batman.  

Bret Wilson 

Bret is an avid photographer and videographer and has had experience in many high-quality photo and video projects. He has photographed multiple events including weddings and group events and was also the director of a film that documented life in a Mexican children’s home. This, combined with event photography experience, gives him an eye for photo composition and important technical details that will make your images truly come to life.

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